Make Good + Live Sunny

Make Good + Live Sunny

At Make Good Creative, we believe in everyday philanthropy, in sharing our creative talent to make the world a better place and in partnering with courageous businesses applying their acumen and optimism. We set ourselves apart from other creative collectives with a pledge to donate ten percent of every project’s profits to charitable organizations.

The Future is Ours to Make

Co-creation of a Make Good Collective manifesto is underway. The invitation? Add a line that reflects how you show up to do your best work. Check out our work in progress...

Show Your Work * Practice Generosity * Remember What You Care About * Be Impeccable with your Word * Don’t Take Anything Personally * Don't Make Assumptions * Always Do Your Best * Be IntentionalBe Open * Be VulnerableBe Kind * Trust each other * Let Your Light ShineCelebrate each other’s Accomplishments*

Instructions for the Next Chapter

There is no power greater
than a community discovering what it cares about.

Ask “What’s possible?” Not “What’s wrong?” Keep asking. Notice what you care about. Assume that many others share your dreams.

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. Talk to people you know. Talk to people you don’t know. Talk to people you never talk to.
Be intrigued by the differences you hear.
Expect to be surprised. Treasure curiosity more than certainty.

Invite in everybody who cares to work on what’s possible. Acknowledge that everyone is an expert about something. Know that creative solutions come from new connections.

Remember, you don’t fear people whose story you know. Real listening always brings people closer together. Trust that meaningful conversations can change your world.

Rely on human goodness. Stay together.
— Margaret Wheatley