Make Good + Live Sunny

Make Good Creative is off and running. Our collective is the first of its kind in Bend, bringing together the creative talents of designers, writers, photographers, brand strategists and storytellers. Our goal with Make Good Creative (MGC) is to foster a community of collaboration in Central Oregon and beyond. 

At Make Good, we believe in everyday philanthropy, in sharing our creative talent to make the world a better place and in partnering with courageous businesses applying their acumen and optimism. We set ourselves apart from other creative collectives with a pledge to donate ten percent of every project's profits to charitable organizations.

In June, we made our debut with SunnyFest an event at Sunnyside Sports, launching the Live Sunny campaign. Sunnyside Sports is a bike shop with some of the deepest roots in Bend, and the Live Sunny campaign is both a pledge and a call to action. 

To Live Sunny is to be a beacon of positivity and self-possession, to advocate for and live up to this ideal in everything we do–from our attitudes toward each other and customers, to our expectations of how people treat each other on group rides and out in the community. 

The debut SunnyFest brought together GreenLine Press, Spork, Picky Bars, Tour des Chutes and Bend Ben & Jerry's for an evening of community outreach, art and tacos.

Brendan Loscar created custom Live Sunny designs that will be used for Sunnyside  merchandise and gear.  Maisie Smith collaborated with Brendan on SunnyFest invitations and copy. Sweet Pea Cole brought her GreenLine Press for DIY t-shirt, towel and tote making. The entire team joined forces to envision how we might produce a fun experience to bring people together at Sunnyside Sports to celebrate a new season.

Live Sunny is a fitting debut for MGC, setting the stage for a portfolio of inspiring partners looking to build community and engagement.

The wheels are turning. Now, we intend to build on this momentum and launch Make Good Creative into a new, sunny era of creative collaboration.